2024 Slate of Nominees
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Please note there are a total of nine (9) OAPN Members interested in either running for re-election or joining the OAPN board for the first time. There are a total of three (3) open board spots. 

An asterisk (*) indicates incumbents running for re-election. 


Raymond Kent, Senior Design Leader | Principal at DLR Group
Raymond Kent is an award-winning third-generation theater practitioner with over 38 years of working in the industry. Raymond is a principal and senior design leader for the largest global cultural and performing arts design practice, DLR Group, where he founded the firm’s performing arts specialty discipline team that includes theater planning and technology, acoustics, audiovisual design, lighting design, digital media content creation, and IT/Security services. Raymond has also been active in higher education with over 22 years of teaching at both 2-year and four-year institutions,  in addition to conducting masterclasses in theater design, technology, and operations internationally. Raymond also hosts the podcast Theatre Operations Unleashed, where he interviews some of the industries top leaders and influencers in theater management, operations, design, and performance.

Reason of interest in serving on the OAPN board – Having served in leadership in several industry organizations, (including USITT, TCG, AVIXA, and more) I feel I have quite a bit to offer the membership of the organization personally and professionally. I am not a person who takes membership lightly and feel value in the organizations I choose to belong to by being an active participant not a passive recipient. Having had a number of the member organizations as clients, I have come to appreciate the value the organization brings to the industry in Ohio and the surrounding area and would like to contribute to their current and future success.

*Heather Clow, Executive Director at Marathon Center for the Performing Arts
Heather Clow is the Executive Director of Marathon Center for the Performing Arts, a nonprofit community performing arts center in Findlay, Ohio. A lifelong New Englander before moving to Ohio in 2017,  Heather comes from a technical theater background before crossing over to the administrative side when she became the Executive Director of Lebanon Opera House in New Hampshire, the same venue where she saw her first live performance as a child. An active member of the Findlay community, Heather is a Rotarian, serves on multiple local and statewide boards and is a passionate advocate for value of the arts in community building.

Reason of interest in serving on the OAPN board – When I moved to Ohio I greatly missed the network of colleagues I had created at my previous venue. Being a part of OAPN has helped me create those connections here. Serving on the board allows me to connect others with that network of presenters, as well as support the other professional development opportunities the organization provides.


*Amber Hansen, Midwest Consultant/Agent at BiCoastal Productions
Amber Hansen has been a Presenter of The Egyptian Theatre in Park City, UT since 2009.  She joined the team at BiCoastal Productions as an Agent in 2020 while on furlough at her theatre.  Long story short, she loved being on the Agent side and working closely as a consultant with different venues and artists.  She is now Vice President of the company and continues to cover the Great Lakes states and KY.  She is re-locating to Eastern TN at the beginning of 2024 for a new adventure with her family and to be closer to her territory.  Luckily, her theatre is also keeping her on as their talent buyer.

Reason of interest in serving on the OAPN board – I would like to continue my OAPN board service to collaborate with colleagues and peers both from an Agency side and Presenter side to further the Arts in Ohio and offer insight and ideas to current and future challenges. The impact I will have on OAPN is in bringing in new members and potential board members through my daily dealings with Ohio Presenters. I plan on stepping up my involvement in growing the OAPN Conference to involve other state presenters and/or expand with other organizations while still keeping the intimate and spirit of camaraderie that the Conference already has.


Tammy Walkup, Agent at Class Acts Entertainment
I have been an agent with Class Acts since 1993 and started performing on stage at the age of 13. I live in Troy, Ohio with my wonderful husband Scott. I am a proud mom of three boys, 23 year old twins Evan and Benjamin and 19 year old Christopher. I also have a wonderful daughter in law Jennifer who married my son Evan in 2021.

Reason of interest in serving on the OAPN board  Having served on the OAPN board in the past I would welcome the opportunity to do so again.  I love doing what I can to help with the conference and would be happy to also do what I can to help OAPN grow.   




Jason Cohen, Director, Maltz Performing Arts Center
Jason Cohen, born and raised in New Jersey, started his career as a Stage Manager in New York City. After stage managing, Jason worked for a literary agency, talent agency, Broadway General Manager, theater construction company, the performing arts center at NYU, and the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts and the Pfister Hotel running conference AV in Milwaukee. Jason moved to Cleveland in 2015 to open the Maltz Performing Arts Center at Case Western Reserve University. 

Reason of interest in serving on the OAPN board  I am applying for OAPN board membership because, first and foremost, I am a fan of OAPN. I joined the organization back in 2017-2018 and have valued the relationships I’ve developed within the organization. I’ve relied on the advice from more experienced members and I appreciate having a network of colleagues to collaborate with.

Jonathan Salisbury, Songwriter, Jonathan Salisbury 
Jonathan Salisbury was born in the UK, where lived until he was 45 or so. Living much of his life in London, he worked as an actor, director, writer, and producer in theatre. He ran three different performing arts centers in London, and marketed and programmed a wide range of arts experiences, both in the UK in Los Angeles, where lived for 10 years. A Cincinnati resident since 2020, Jonathan is now mainly focused on music-making (composition, improvisation, and collaboration). 

Reason of interest in serving on the OAPN board – I want to serve on the OAPN board to give back to my community and to an organization that I have directly benefited from as an artist. Particularly following the pandemic, I have experienced how easy it is to become isolated as an artist, and how important it is that we combat that isolation. OAPN is helping to build a vital network for artists in Ohio, providing opportunities for networking, collaboration and learning. I want to offer my support to help the organization and bring more artists and arts professionals together.


Danielle Nicole, Designer, Nontle Lifestyle
Danielle Nicole is a native of Columbus.  She is an award winning jewelry designer and her work has been published in various editorial magazines across the country. She works with organic materials to create her 1 of 1 pieces of jewelry. Danielle has recently added photography to her artistic skillset and recently wrapped up her 1st solo show funded by Maroon Arts Group. 

Reason of interest in serving on the OAPN board – I'm looking forward to serving on the board by giving back to the art community here in Ohio. I love the work OAPN  is doing and I would love the opportunity to represent the organization across the state. I have a passion for the arts and I need others to know about the opportunities provided by OAPN! 



Katie Pauli, Marketing & Events Manager at Stroede Center for the Arts
I have a strong passion for the community and with that I bring years of experience in the world of nonprofit. I have a love of bringing the arts to our community and immersing our youth in the different avenues of artistic exploration. Beyond the spotlight, my commitment to excellence extends to our local PTO, Zonta, and several other local fundraising avenues, reflecting a holistic approach to making a positive impact in the entertainment world, and beyond.

 Reason of interest in serving on the OAPN board – I would like to serve on the OAPN board to gain a connection with a larger group of art professionals and to grow my network within the performing arts community. With my many years of experience in the nonprofit world and my certification from the State of Ohio in nonprofit work (’22 graduate of Charitable University run by the Ohio Attorney General's Office.) I would make an excellent OAPN board member.


Steve Burnette, Executive Director, The Murphy Theatre
Born and raised by a family of Norwegian mimes in Northwestern Ohio Steve has spent the better part of 40 years working in just about every capacity of the entertainment industry.

From humble beginnings as a sketch comedy writer for his high school talent shows, to acting in plays and musicals in regional theatres, before moving to New York and working on stages, the TV soaps, and bit parts on SNL, then to Chicago to study and perform at the Second City, and finally operating his own theatre company in Maine, where he not only continued performing while adding the director and producer hat to his repertoire, but he provided the entertainment for former President George H. W. Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush, and the many charitable events they would host in Kennebunkport over several summers as well. 

Now the Executive Director of the historic 105-year old Murphy Theatre in Wilmington Ohio, Steve is happy to have found his way back home to Ohio.  Currently facilitating a quarter-million dollar, 73 year-old marquee restoration campaign, and back-to-back record-breaking Murphy Theatre memberships, Steve also tries at every opportunity to attach a charitable cause to the organizations he manages, and his most recent success has been collecting and delivering more than 2000 pounds of food to the local food pantries, as part of The Murphy Theatre's year-long "A Can if You Can" One-Ton Foodraising Campaign,

Reason of interest in serving on the OAPN board – You mean besides enjoying the discount on snacks at most theatre conferences?  (Wait...you're telling me those candies on all the agents' tables are free?)  I think I could add a sense of humor and lightheartedness to what already appears to be a kind organization.  And while I don't take myself too seriously, I'll leave that for others, I do feel my various experiences over the years in so many aspects of the industry has  prepared me for such a position as this, because I have much to pull from and offer, from what I have done right in the past, but even more from what I learned I could have done better.  I feel my active participation on the OAPN board could not only further the success of OAPN, but personally could teach me even more about how I can improve at my current position.  


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