Monday, April 10, 2023

Ohio Arts Professionals Network, OAPN
Jessica Rosenblatt
Executive Director
[email protected]
c: 440-341-2899

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OAPN is seeking a city within Ohio to host its 2024 conference. The 3-day conference will run Monday through Wednesday, all day going between the hotel, exhibit hall and music venue. Set up/access needed in exhibit hall on Sunday. Tear down Wednesday evening into early Thursday (for pipe & drape company). Staff will check into the hotel on Saturday, some attendees will check into their hotel Sunday, the majority will stay Monday through Wednesday night, checking out Thursday morning. A very small number of attendees will want to stay an additional day following the conference. 

Most preferred: Monday, October 14 - Wednesday, October 16, 2024
Second best: Monday, October 21 - Wednesday, October 23, 2024
Third best: Monday, October 7 - Wednesday, October 9, 2024

Ohio Arts Professional Network (OAPN) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization. Our mission is to support and grow the touring Arts & Culture industry in Ohio. We serve our membership which includes 200+ Presenters (those who book the shows at performing arts centers/venues), Artists (local-global/music-dance-educational-multidisciplinary, etc), Agencies (small-large), and Service Organizations (various performing arts related businesses) worldwide. Our biennial networking conference, held on even years, is designed to connect, educate, build relationships, and create business through in person networking, exhibit hall hours, professional development sessions, and live juried showcases.

OAPN is a 501(c)3 member-driven organization and preference will be given to the host city that can provide one of the major sponsorships in the form of waived rental fees or other concessions. 

OAPN is seeking a host City that can provide the following components for our 2024 regional conference:

A min 200 (or larger) seat theater/venue for 3-days of juried performing artist showcases

  • This venue can be union or non-union
  • Has green room/space backstage for artist
  • Access to backline company, tech crew, equipments, lights, sound, projector, screen, grand piano
  • Within walking distance to hotel or option for shuttle
  • Has a bar and bartender
  • Can host 100-250 person opening night party
  • Option to bring in catered food for opening night party
  • Can speak with venue directly and provide additional information 

A hotel within walking/shuttle distance from theater & exhibit hall space 

  • Is in close proximity to an international airport
  • Shuttle options between hotel/airport
  • Access to Lyft/Uber/other options
  • Can provide discounted room rate for attendees
  • Can host up to 100-250 rooms per night (Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed)
  • Can host exhibit hall (see below) within building or within very close walking proximity
  • Has access to hotel bar for attendees with option to stay open later than normal closing hours during the conference
  • Tables/space to spread out for one-on-one meetings during day/evening
  • Access to breakfast or other food at hotel bar/room service

Exhibit hall space that can hold approximately 100 exhibitor booths (8’ booths in 8’x10’ space) with pipe & drape 

  • Has relationship with contractor to supply 8’ tables, table cloths, chairs, garbage cans, access to outlets, can run power to booths upon request
  • Clean, carpeted, well lit space 
  • Exhibit hall should have secured entrances that can be locked during off hours
  • Access to security guards

Up to 4 small-medium size rooms for Professional Development sessions set up classroom style 

  • Located within exhibit hall space or hotel
  • Set up classroom style with 20-50 chairs per room
  • Access to AV (projector, screen, and 2 microphones)

Additional Space

  • Option for large sized room with tables/chairs for keynote speaker and catered plated dinner

Closing Night Party

  • Help secure a location for a Closing Night Party
  • Approximately 150-250 people
  • Catering, bar, bartenders, karaoke, tables, mingling, walking around, relaxed vibe

Please reach out to Jessica Rosenblatt, Executive Director, with any questions:

Jessica Rosenblatt
Executive Director, OAPN
[email protected]
c: 440-341-2899

Deadline to submit RFP: Monday, May 8, 2023.

We look forward to seeing your proposal.