For many months, the OAPN Board of Directors, Conference Co-Chairs, and Conference Committee members have been working diligently to create a magnificent conference experience where networking, learning, and live entertainment take center stage. However, in light of the uncertainty of the current health crisis gripping the world, it is clear that an in-person conference in the fall cannot happen as we intended.

The Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to cancel the OAPN Conference scheduled for October 18-20, 2020 in Cleveland, OH, as the health and safety of our communities is of the utmost importance. All of that planning will not be lost, however, as we look to 2021 to reconvene.

Despite the postponement of our in-person conference, we continue to seek ways to help you, our members. Towards that end, we would like to announce that OAPN is creating new and exciting content that will launch in the coming months including a new website and member benefits.

For the artists who submitted to showcase for OAPN 2020, we would like to show our gratitude by offering you a special opportunity. OAPN will soon launch a platform where artists and agents may receive personal feedback from our Showcasing Committee members, access to our showcasing artist webinar, and a chance to be featured in our Artist Focus Spotlight Series on social media. More information coming soon.

Also, our friends at ALOFT Hotels will be canceling all current hotel reservations with no penalty or fees. If you have a reservation with ALOFT, you should receive an email from them by the end of this week with your cancelation confirmation.

These past few months have been difficult. We are looking forward to gathering with all of you once again to celebrate the performing arts like never before.

On behalf of the OAPN Board of Directors, I wish you good health.

- Jessica Rosenblatt, Executive Director

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